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Different kinds of material are offered for downlowd here:

(1) Digital modes for Ham-radio communication

(2) Stand-alone programs controlled by the user via a graphical user interface

(3) Interactive lecture material

(4) Special papers

(1), (2), and (3) are based on the Matlab environment. Many of them originally were made for personal use without graphical user interface. In 2004, The Mathworks presented an entirely new concept of a Compiler for Matlab. Using this compiler, programs can be prepared for deployment. The compiled programs use an encrypted version of Matlab (the Matlab Compiler Runtime). To be useful, I had to program graphical user interfaces for these programs. The compilerconcept maps my special special computer system to the target system. This can lead to problems due to specific hardware on target PCs. This especially concerns the soundcard.

To run the Programs you have to download and install the Matlab Compiler Runtime on your computer. Sorry, this is about 190 MB.

If you want to run a program which uses the soundcard, download MCR_Test and run it once. It checks the environment of your computer and tells you where to unpack the other downloaded programs.

After download, the programs can be started by a double click on the *.exe in your file browser (or generate an icon). Programs which use the soundcard or generate output files need administrator privileges for the first start.

Some of the programs are born under Win95. They survived all further systems. Now they are compiled on WinXP. The author uses the compiled versions on WinVista and Win7 (32 bit and 64 bit) without problems. The only restriction is that the installed Compiler Runtime must fit to the Matlab version used for compilation ( Matlab2011a ). As a consequence, if you already use some of these programs and now want to install a new one, then you should first download the new program and try to run it with the installed MCR. If it fails then the installed MCR must be deleted and downloaded and installed again. The new program should run then, but the others probably must be deleted on your computer and downloaded and installed again. Sorry, but on the other hand, without the Matlab system it would take years to program these tasks instead of days.

The programs are for non-profit experimental use only. The MCR must only be used in combination with the programs offered on this page.

Download the MCR 2011a (190 MB)

Only for 64 bit version of PSK2k: Download the 64 bit MCR 2015a (800 MB)

Download MCR_Test (2 MB)

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